Why Solar?

Why choose solar?

Solar energy has high potential in South Africa and Africa as a whole as the average solar radiation exposure is higher then most places around the globe.


With policies like Load shedding and poor power infrastructure in Africa as a whole, solar power provides reliable on site power production for Residential, Commercial and Industrial.

Why have solar for the home? (Residential)

The main reason to have solar for the home is for long term saving and stress free life style knowing there will always be power where you live.


Why have solar for the business? (Commercial)

Solar for the business is extremely beneficial and cost saving. Having the knowledge the business can operate throughout the day even with power outages and load shedding. Most businesses only operate throughout the day making solar a extremely advantageous system to lower operating costs.

Why have solar for industry?

On-site power generation is essential for plants, mines and factories however due to load shedding and power loss the plant, mine or factory could stand still or operate at reduced efficiency. Currently in South Africa and Africa as a whole most mines and planets rely on diesel generators or require infrastructure over extreme distances to provide power. These solutions are extremely expensive initially and over time.