Agricultural Applications


On average agricultural applications require between 50-100 kW of power. This applies to irrigation systems, animal production, timber production and similar.

Often due to remote locations, aging infrastructure, grid power is not available or supply is erratic and unpredictable.

Solar system with back-up generator and small Battery Storage system will totally eliminate or limit need for external grid supply.

Our budget excludes any grants, funds, tax breaks which may be available for this industry sector. Such  option could significantly improve viability of the system.

Budget Indication: Location Highveld South Africa based on ROE 16.4 R/USD


Required Solar Power:                                   50kW                                                     100kW

Number of Panels required                         230                                                         460

Minimum area for installation                    460 m2                                                  920m2

Electricity Produced per day                        274 kWh                                               547kWh

Electricity Produced per month                 8211 kWh                                            16422kWh

Electricity Produced per year                      99901 kWh                                          200000 kWh

Cost of one kWh                                              USD0.0293/R 0.49                           USD0.0291/R 0.48

Project estimated cost USD                         USD 65.000-00                                   USD 129.000-00

Project estimated cost Rand                       R1.066000-00                                    R 2.115.600-00

Return of investment                                    6-7 years                                              6-7 years

Life span of Solar Farm                                  25 years                                         25 years