Recently GLA Systems signed major agreements with leading European companies specializing in providing latest solar based Alternative Energy Solutions.  We provide total Solar, Generator, and Grid solutions in commercial, agricultural and industrial sectors.

Our supply is based on equipment manufactured in European Union carrying up to 28 years European guaranties. With cooperation with South African companies we provide supply of local materials and engineering services.

Large scale solar farm.




  • Office blocks, office parks
  • Business parks
  • Shopping centres
  • Housing estates
  • Community projects
  • Hospitals
  • Schools


  • Animal production especially Chicken Farms
  • Irrigation systems


  • Mines
  • Mineral processing plants
  • Factories
  • Industrial parks
  • Chemical plants

Our company has over ten years’ experience in Green Energy production.

 20MW Cogen Plant in Rustenburg (South Africa) and 8MW CO Off-Gas power generation in Newcastle (South Africa) are or leading projects.




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Panels provided are extremely efficient and latest technology, there are very few panels that match the quality of panels we provide in Africa. The Panels are sourced from Poland and come with a 25 year European Union Guarantee. The size panel we provide are 250W and 300W panels which are suitable for Residential, Commercial and industrial applications.

Our panels are produced by WATT in Poland with a state of the art factory in Sosnowiec Poland.

Below are the specifications of our 250W and 300W panels.




  BEP 250 BEP 300
Maximum power [Pmax] 250 300
Cells policrystalline policrystalline
Size of cells 156×156 156×156
Nr of cells 60 72
Short circuit current [Isc] 8.75 8.75
Open circuit voltage [Voc] 38.1 45.1
Maximum power voltage [Vmax] 30.35 36.54
Maximum power current [Imax] 8.25 8.21
Module efficiency 15.40% 15.46
Maximum system voltage 1000V 1000V
Tolerance 0/+4,99W 0/+4,99W
Temperature coefficient current TcI 0,05%/°C 0,05%/°C
Temperature coefficient voltage TcV . -0,34%/°C . -0,34%/°C
Power temperature coefficient TcP . -0,41%/°C . -0,41%/°C
NOCT 43°C 43°C
Maximum load 5400Pa 5400Pa
Application class A A
Operating temperatures .-40°C ÷ +80°C .-40°C ÷ +80°C
Length 1640 mm 1960 mm
Width 992 mm 992 mm
Thickness  38 mm  38 mm
Weight 18 kg 22 kg
Junction box IP67 IP67